Jose Cruz argues with an umpire

August 27, 2007

Dreamed about an umpire and a guy I took to be Jose Cruz arguing, about a high strike call, and the umpire was really on his high horse. He seemed like he was acting, but he was saying the words perfectly, like "This is my strike zone, do you have any problems with that, son?"

And Jose Cruz says "Yeah, where do you stop?", because the ump just called a strike on a high fastball.

So then the umpire starts going nuts. He didn't throw him out, but he just started getting on his high horse ....

At the very end, the batter said something about ... the phrase is something like "Get out of my stiff ass", or something like that, and the umpire says "I'll get in your stiff ass any time I want to."

The batter says something like "What???"

("Stiff ass" isn't the right phrase, but it has something to do with the behind.)

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