Three OBEs, but nobody in bed

September 21, 2007

Last night I had 3 more OBEs, but they were weird. In each one, immediately after they started I would float up. I'd turn and look back at the bed, and my physical body was never there. I don't understand it, and don't really know what to make of it.

I'd like to brush them off and say they were just dreams, but I was fully conscious. I just laid down, immediately felt some vibes, slid out and up, looked down, and I wasn't there. Woke up, did exactly the same thing, then had the same results. I don't get it.

In spite of this I kept exploring a bit the second and third times. I was so awake and conscious I tried to find a newspaper to see where/when I was, but I couldn't find one. I did find a clock, but that was it.

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