My return to the OBE "astral projection" world

September 13, 2008

After a long absence from the OBE "astral projection" world I made a strong return last night. It happened something like this:

Around 7pm I was very tired, and just decided to call it a night, and thought I'd get up early this morning. To my surprise I woke up at 9pm, and couldn't get back to sleep. I just bought some very comfortable Bose headphones, so I put those on and listened to a meditation recording that I got from the Monroe Institute while I laid on some pillows at maybe a 30-45 degree angle. This helped quite a bit, and I could feel my frame of mind change, and then a little while later I knew I was very relaxed, but still not close to falling asleep.

About 35 minutes into the recording I turned off my iPod and took the headphones off. I still wasn't ready to go back to sleep, but I just wanted to lay there and enjoy the feeling. Finally, as I got closer to falling asleep I felt a strong tingling sensation, then heard a very loud, constant noise, which sounded just like being on a loud airplane, sans the passengers. After that there were two back-to-back OBEs.

The weird thing about both OBEs is that they were very displaced in time, and I mean very displaced, as in happening almost 20 years ago. The strongest OBE was the second one, where I felt my energy body drift away from my physical body, passed through a wall, and come out to an area outside of one of my previous homes. I knew instantly where I was, and just let my body drift.

I drifted across the front lawn, then down a sidewalk, passing a group of people who were walking, and a young girl looked up at me. I wondered if she could see me? I let myself drift further down the sidewalk, probably floating 10-20 feet in the air, when I came up to a young boy who standing outside of a small store. I asked him if he could see me, and he said yes, he could. I said thanks, and moved on.

I then drifted a little further along until I came across my brother-in-law. We instantly began talking, and I could tell from the tone of his voice that the time must be 20-25 years ago, because his attitude about life has changed significantly over time, and he's also now an alcoholic. There can be no mistaking the difference between the young version of this person and the 2008 version of him.

We talked about two girls that were playing tennis, and he clearly asked if I knew who the girl in blue was. She reminded me of someone, but I couldn't place her (and I still can't), but he thought for sure I knew her.

Most of this time -- as I was drifting and then when I was talking to my brother-in-law -- I kept saying to myself in my mind, "Stay awake, stay conscious, don't fall asleep." I knew I was close to losing control, as I was tired, and I didn't want to.

Just about this time something happened and I immediately returned to my physical body. I wish I knew what it was, but I don't. I woke up, clearly remembered everything that just happened, and went back to sleep. I was hoping there would be more OBE events during the night, but I just slept, having a few dreams that didn't seem too important.

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