The end of the world, and a choice

November 15, 2008

A recurring dream ... I have a choice ... to, um, choose essentially the end of the world, or killing off all the population in the event of a huge natural disaster. An event where, something happens to gravity, and I'm talking to people, and it's like "You don't understand, this could shatter the moon, and half of it can come slamming into the earth."

For some reason, I've been doing the math behind it, and I can see it coming, or maybe everyone can see it coming. We have a way of killing off all the population, so nobody has to suffer, and I'm in charge of flipping the switch that will kill everyone. For instance, everyone in the world could be going "la la la", walking around in the world, doing their normal every day things, and then I could kill everyone at once, without any warning, with the theory being that this would be easier on everyone. But when the time comes to actually do it, I decide not to do it...

The reason I'm pausing at this moment is because there was a similar dream tonight, where I had the same choice to make about myself, and I did not do it either, but I don't remember those details. That was like a second dream, or maybe a continuation of the first one, but I can't remember the details.

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