A phone possessed

November 29, 2008

Before going over to see my wife's family for Thanksgiving celebration ... a couple of sequential dreams about having my phone being possessed, or having some kind of gremlin, and by the end of the last dream it won't work any more.

I keep trying to reboot it, and I'm over by someone's house, and they tell me they dropped it in the water, and tell me fortunately it isn't too expensive, and I can get a new one. And I say "No buddy, you can get me a new one." I thought that would be the end of it, but as I turn it off one last time, this young gremlin face that looks like my half-brother looks at me.

A lot of this happens at what appears to be a co-worker's house. I'm going from room to room trying to find stuff for her, including a wreath and a few other items.

At one point I accidentally kick this dog, and I keep hitting it, keep running into it (not intentionally), and I can feel my shin getting sore (in my dream). (Right now it feels fine.)

At the end of the dream, I'm having this problem with the phone, and my co-worker comes home, and I'm thinking I need to get out of there, I'm in her home. Maybe it's a shared environment,I don't know, I just need to get my stuff, and get out of there.

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