Taking a ferry to an evil place

November 30, 2008

After Thanksgiving gathering, drank some champagne so I could get some sleep tonight. First dream, I'm swimming near an ocean, and there's a huge wave, running parallel to the ocean shore, and there's a second one, coming right at us.

Next thing I know I'm in the water with two other people, and we're surrounded by all these cars. We say something like "Finders keepers, let's get them to the shore." But then I woke up.

A second dream involves taking a ferry service. I'm driving down the road, I'm behind a slow car, and I decide to pass them. As I do that I realize the road is coming to an end, and it looks like we have to cross the Grand Canyon. It looked like that, but we waited for this ship to go by.

I thought "Okay, let's get on the bridge", but then I realized there was no bridge in sight, and I realize there's a ferry service. Skipping a bunch of details, we decide to take just the car in front of us, and we get to the other side, and the guy running the thing on the other side looks like Joe Theismann, but he's a freaky, scary dude.

He's got the women intimidated, including the woman who drove this car, and he's got some kind of huge, nasty scam going on. The ferry thing is just a trick to get people into town faster, and it turns out this guy has been taking advantage of women for years. We're finally able to bust him though.

As a final note, this second dream mostly occurred without me being asleep. I was just laying here, and it was running through my head.

As a final note, every time I have had alcohol lately I've ended up having bad dreams like this.

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