A trip to Alaska (or Canada)

December 7, 2008

Last dream before waking up, I'm driving to Alaska ...

When it starts I'm in a car, driving along a beautiful road, and a mountain range is in front of me, and the view is spectacular. The fog is rolling over the mountain, and I'm on the road by myself, and I start to think about taking a picture of the mountain.

At that point I don't remember anyone being in the car with me. Later in the dream I'm driving down a road, and there's a snowy patch coming up, and I think that I need to pull over before I hit the snow, and put the chains on.

At some point this morphs into a dream with me, mom, and my youngest sister peddling two bicycles in the snow. We're going up this snowing road, maybe with chains on our bike tires. A pickup truck pulls out, comes towards us, and that's the only other traffic on this road.

We pull up to this house, we're trying to go somewhere, and we run into this lady. She tells us to back up, take this road, and make a left. This home is like a large, Scandinavian home. At this point we decide that we're hungry, and need something to eat, so we get off the bikes, and go in this house, that now seems to be abandoned.

We walk through this house, take our bikes through the house (which I think we shouldn't do), and eventually run into a young woman in her teens or twenties. We ask if she has anything for lunch. She says "Well, if you can call it that", and she has some cut up hot dogs and cheese on a range, and a little other food. I'm so hungry I'll eat anything.

I ask the lady if she takes credit cards, and she says yes. As I move around the table I say that when we get to Canada we need to get some Canadian money, or else we can keep using our credit cards. The young girl looked at me questioningly, but she didn't say anything.

We had some discussion about wishing we had another bike, or that we should switch riders. We didn't have any extra gear, so that's pretty funny. I think about running into bears, but then think that it's winter time, it won't be a problem, they should be hibernating.

Again, the mountain range at the beginning of the dream was incredibly clear, detailed, and gorgeous. I remember that there was a spot on the windshield, and if I was going to take a picture, I was going to need to lean over just slightly to get the picture without that smudge.

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