Newspaper ad with Terry

December 12, 2008

Most recent dream. Sitting at a table with Terry (brother-in-law), looking through a newspaper ad. It's a 10-12 page ad, big like a newspaper. As I'm flipping from page to page the first time through it's all about chocolate, and the last page has a big peanut butter cup ad. I mention that to Terry, and as I flip through it again, there are ads on pages, they show up magically ... they're mostly DQ ads.

On the last page some cheesesticks with some kind of sauce magically show up. Terry says something about "aggravated assault", but I don't know what he's talking about. I grab one of the cheesesticks and take a bite, but Terry says "Spit that out, haven't you heard", and there's something about food products with fake or bad expiration dates ...

Notes: Yesterday was Terry's wife's birthday; did I know that?

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