Finally, no vertigo

August 8, 2009

On April 13th, 2009, I hit my head very hard, resulting in a mild concussion. Ever since then I have been having problems with vertigo (dizziness), but last week, at the end of July, after three months, the dizziness (and concentration problems) finally went away.

I don't know how professional athletes ever have a concussion and go back to work almost immediately. I could do my job, but I knew there was a problem. But I can't imagine playing a sport -- american football, in particular -- with a concussion. You know you're impaired with a concussion, and you just try to get along the best you can, but I can't imagine doing that on a football field, knowing that you might get hit again, when you're already wobbly. That strikes me as a life-threatening or life-impairing thing to do.


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