Recurring dream of a new job, and complete silence

October 22, 2009

Two quick notes this morning. First, I've been having a recurring dream of starting a new job. The building I work in seems to be three stories tall, and I have a desk outside the office of the man who seems to run everything. During the first few dreams there was nothing for me to do, but this morning he walked out and asked if I was ready to get started. I don't know him, but I do know a couple of women in the office from my own previous jobs, including Pam and Michelle.

As a second note about this morning's dreams, right as I was waking up a little after 8am, I had the cool experience of being conscious, first as the dreams were going on, and then as they went away. When the dreams were playing I could tell that my brain was clearly working, and then in an instant everything stopped, and my brain and mind were completely silent. It was like being alone in a movie theater, and the movie suddenly ends, and you're left there in complete silence. I enjoyed the silence for a few moments, and then got up.

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