Dream of people in my "home"

January 8, 2010

A very funny and realistic dream right before I awoke this morning:

I'm laying in a bed, and I wake up for some reason. I grab my smartphone, which is laying next to me, and start looking at the morning news. A friend (Todd) walks in, startling me, and proceeds to a piano that's to the left of the bed.

He begins playing, and as he strikes each key he says a number. I look at the keyboard, and the keys aren't like a normal piano. Instead, he is tapping cubes with numbers on them. I ask about the numbers, and he says something, and then walks out of the room.

I fumble with the phone -- which is like an iPhone, but different -- and find a message from my yoga instructor on a website like Facebook regarding something I need to study. (In the real world she isn't on Facebook.) After that I see a text ad, but the words aren't English; I take them for Greek.

Next there is noise from outside the room, and the bedroom door swings open. Now there are several new people in my home: a blonde-haired woman in a swimsuit who opens the door, my oldest sister, and two more women in the kitchen. Other than my sister I don't know any of them, so as I'm sitting up in bed I say "Who are you people?"

They all laugh, say I really need to do something with my hair, and go back to work in the kitchen.

I get up, walk out of the bedroom, take a left (like I know where I'm going), push open the bathroom door, and the guy who was playing the piano is sitting in there, and smoking, and says "WTF?" when I open the door.

I step out of that bathroom, and walk down the hall to another bathroom (again, like I know where I'm going), and my oldest sister is now following me like she needs to talk to me. When I enter the second bathroom I wake up.

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