Dreams of a song, being drilled in the head, and a dog named Luther

February 14, 2010

I was a little sick yesterday, and also felt very "ungrounded" as they would say at TMI, more 'there' than 'here'. If you've never felt ungrounded, common descriptions include feeling "out of it", inability to concentrate, a feeling that you can't wake up, and very likely a desire to vomit. I had all of those yesterday, so I figured last night would be pretty entertaining.

The night

I didn't feel like sleeping on my futon at first, so I laid face-down on my bean bag chair, which I use as a bed from time to time, especially now that my head has been hurting a lot. After laying around most of the day yesterday I didn't fall asleep right away, and after 45-60 minutes I started hearing the sucking sounds, and then as I worked to stay conscious, my visual and auditory sensory input switched to dreamland.

Immediately I heard a song being sung by Christina Aguilera. The lyrics I can remember are "Your touch, would mean so much", sang very slowly. (I have a rendition of it on my recorder, but I won't be releasing that out here, lol.) At this point in the song I realized I could move my right arm, so as the song continued, I moved it, and thought how cool that was. I did lose some awareness of the dream state, but I was able to allow the dream to keep playing, while moving the arm. But, as I thought about it too much, I did wake up. However, I am now curious to see if it's possible to write while I'm in this particular "dream" state. (I have a hard time calling it a dream, because I'm still quite awake, it's just that the senses switch over, and I hear and see all these things.)

I let myself relax again, heard the sucking sounds, and then when my senses switched over to the other side, I immediately heard the sound of a circular saw. As I realized the saw was being cut into my forehead I immediately woke myself up, but I have to say, it didn't hurt; I just woke myself up from the fear of not wanting to be conscious through that.

Again letting myself doze off, this time I heard the saw at a distance, as though someone was cutting wood in the hallway, like they did about six weeks ago when they had to fix the kitchen floor.

As I let that play out and relaxed more, several people joined me in the room. At one point there was a card game being played, and then when those people were gone, I was aware of a dog in the room. Later, my wife got up and said she was uncomfortable and couldn't sleep like this any more, and as I rolled over, she was getting the dog to take with her. The dog was named Luther, and he was a fuzzy beagle or hound puppy. I petted him before they left, and my wife said she was watching him for a friend of hers.

Finally, there was one more episode where I found myself looking down at a policeman who was sitting in the driver's seat of a police car. He asked me why I was looking at him, but then he got a call on his radio, something about some people in a car accident. It seemed like the people were from Iowa, or were in Iowa, but I didn't get any details other than that.

The rest of the night

After sleeping for several hours yesterday afternoon I didn't sleep well the rest of the night, and eventually got up early.

As one final note here, I didn't remember much of these events this morning. If I didn't record them on my recording device I wouldn't have remembered much about them this morning, especially the dog, the policeman, and the lyrics to the song.

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