Going to sleep here, waking up in Illinois

July 9, 2011

Even though I did nothing intentionally to generate any "special effects" last night, they came again in bunches. Three times I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep, and as I "fell asleep" here, I woke up in a bed in Illinois where I grew up.

At this time (the following morning) I don't remember the first event, other than I recall it happening. Actually, it ended up with me being on a baseball field, and I recall my uniform number being 45, which I thought was weird. A few friends from the high school baseball days were there also.

The second time I woke up in my old bed in Illinois, then felt the door/portal to the "other universe" open up, and a woman from the other universe joined me in bed. While I was more than happy to have a sex dream, I began to be confused about where I was, here or there. In addition to that, my bedroom door was open, and I knew my mom and one of my sisters was home, as we had just finished a conversation. As I tried harder to sort this all out, I woke up back here. (This was the only part of the dream that involved an opening to another universe, or whatever that feeling is.)

After the third time I woke up in Illinois I decided to make an audio recording of what happened that time. Here are the notes I recorded:

A job in a pharmacy

In a later recurring dream I was also reminded that I have a job in something like a pharmacy or some sort of trauma center. This morning we were supposed to give a demonstration of a few products, and I have to admit, I'm horrible at this job.

Absolute silence, and seeing very clearly

After the first three sequences where I ended up back in Illinois, I had another experience where I was just sitting in this vacation area I know very well in absolute silence. There were no thoughts in my head, I was just "there".

The interesting part about this was that if I thought about something, like a particular restaurant, I could see everything inside that restaurant just like I was there. So I thought about the table where I usually sit, the menu, the silverware, and so on, and as I thought about each item, I was able to see them very clearly.

As I began thinking too much, I thought that this must be what hypnosis is like, and it would be much easier if I was hypnotized. The sheer act of thinking "Let me see the menu" is distracting enough that it disturbed the silence, and eventually led to me thinking, which woke me up, but, if someone else like a hypnotist asked me to describe the menu, or the table, etc., I think we could have done that for a very long time. For some reason there isn't much thinking involved in describing things, but there is thinking involved in deciding what to look at next.


What interests me most about last night was:

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