A friend with an ankle problem (OBE)

August 5, 2011

To my surprise, I flew around again for a while last night. I followed the usual pattern that seems to be working for me of late: Quiet things down after dinner (read a book, do some yoga), get into bed by 9pm, then wake up around midnight, get up and brush my teeth (my main motivation for getting back out of bed). Unable to fall back to sleep quickly this way, I was able to relax deeply while not falling asleep.

After a long period like this I finally fell asleep, then "woke up " to find myself freed from my body, and was extremely conscious in a black void. I knew I was in an OBE state, had no idea where I was, but I was extremely alert. The void was perfectly quiet, not like being drawn outside, where I can usually hear noises and feel things like the ground, grass, or wind.

Back-tracking a little bit, before I started relaxing my body, I set my intent to be open to any friend who would like to visit with me (more on this some other time).

A friend in a hospital or medical facility

As I floated there in the dark, I quickly found myself pulled to the inside of a building I though was a hospital or medical facility. I was pulled down a hallway, then took a turn to the right, where I found a friend of mine having her ankle being worked on.

It wasn't clear if her ankle was sprained or broken, and as we began talking, I started thinking too much, and woke up.

What I started thinking about was whether I already knew she had an ankle injury. I started thinking about recent emails and phone calls, and kept asking myself, "Do I know this already? Or is this an event I can validate when I wake up?"

I'll contact some people this weekend and see (a) if I have already been told about this and (b) if anything like this has actually happened.

I can't stress this point enough: Don't think that hard in an OBE, just observe and report. Communication with a person like this is fine, but you have to be careful about too much thinking.


One other point I'd like to make here is the extreme clarity/lucidity at the beginning of this OBE. Before I was pulled to the medical facility, "I" was just there, in the middle of a dark void, just me, and, well, nothing. I would have liked to stay in that state much longer.

Communication with other people

On a related note, in Robert Monroe's first book he mentions journeys like this where he has gone on an OBE adventure and "talked" to someone he knew, and then asked the person about this at some later time in the physical world. The other person never remembers the conversation, and he speculates about this a little bit.

The easiest thing to say here is that you're the one having an OBE, so you're aware of what's going on, and the other person is not having an OBE. It's almost like you're communicating directly with their subconscious (or soul) without that person's physical body being aware of the communication.

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