Continuing/ongoing dreams

September 12, 2012

I originally posted the following notes from two dreams in June, 2011, but I just ran across my original notes, and thought I'd re-post them here tonight:

A couple of nights ago in a dream I sold a guy four bottles of window washer fluid on a two for one sale.

I just took a nap, and the guy came back, had used one bottle, and wanted to return the other three and get his money back. I told him I was going to wake up and let someone else deal with it.

The reason for re-posting these notes is that they're one of the best examples of what I call "ongoing" or "continuing" dreams. You have a dream one night, and then a few days may go by, and when the dream comes back, it's just like it's been running along in time, just like your daily, waking life.

I don't know if I had these types of dreams when I was younger, but it's now very common for me to have have ongoing dreams that span days, weeks, or even months. For a long time I lived in an apartment or condo on the beach, and more recently I've been having ongoing dreams with a girl who reminds me a little of Natalie Portman. It seems that we're in college, and in the most recent dream she was kind enough to remind me that I had a test the following day. As usual, I had forgotten about the test, and then as soon as she said something a flood of memories came back from previous dreams and I knew she was right.

In other news, because of work I still haven't paid much attention to dreams lately, but a major deadline passes this weekend, and once that has passed, I hope to take a little time out again for meditation, and a little more time for sleep as well.

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