Volunteer dream job, Scooby vs Shaggy, and an expected phone call

April 24, 2013

Not much free time lately, so here's a short summary ...

1) Apparently I started working a volunteer job in my dreams recently. To say the least, I was very unprepared to work there a few nights ago.

2) In a bizarre coincidence, I was writing some stuff last night, and referred to the dog known as "Scooby" as "Shaggy" by mistake. This morning I turned on the radio, and two guys were laughing because one of them also referred to the dog as "Shaggy" in their conversation, and the other kept telling him it was Scooby.

3) About a week ago I had a dream of a long telephone conversation with a friend. That conversation ended up happening today. This was one of those weird things where you know it's going to happen, you just don't know when, and today was the day. For the record, I did nothing at all to start the conversation. Once it started I thought, "Ah, this is it", but that's all I had to do with it.

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