Cheating on this physical world

November 4, 2015

For me, on many nights I am fortunate to go to an alternate reality that I know as well as I know this world. I have a home there, I have neighbors, time marches on there, and in short I do things there just like I do things here.

The only difference is that when the “dream” first starts it takes me a few moments to get oriented, to “remember” everything there, and then once it all comes back I live there just like I do here.

Last night I was fortunate to go back to this place. It was very windy there, so I ran around my little home checking all of the doors and windows. As I did this and started “waking up” within the dream I remembered where I was, what had happened recently, and so on. These are things I can’t remember most times when I wake up, but when the dream state is like this, all of the memories come back in a rush.

As just one example of this, last night I remembered that the place I live there is on a hill, and if you go farther down the hill and towards a body of water, there is a restaurant/bar with a large outdoor area where we had a party about two weeks ago. I couldn’t remember any of that until last night, at which time I thought/remembered, “Oh, yes, that was fun,” and I laughed at a few things we did. I remembered how glad I was that I had a place like this where I could hang out and then walk home — meaning that I could have more than one or two drinks while I was there, and not have to worry about drinking and driving.

My guess is that I can only remember this other life somewhere around two to eight times per month, and that depends on a variety of factors, primarily (a) preparation/quiet before going to sleep, and (b) drinking alcohol, which dulls the senses. On the successful nights it all comes back to me, or maybe more accurately, it comes back to the part of my brain/mind that can remember all of these things when I wake up.

So it does feel a little like “cheating,” though I’m not in a relationship here, so there’s nobody to cheat on. I’m just happy and fortunate to be able to live multiple lives like this, or at least to be able to remember that I have multiple lives.

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