First OBE of 2016

January 16, 2016

It took 15 days to have my first OBE of 2016. The setup is that my old mattress was, well, old, so I bought a new mattress. But rather than putting the new mattress on the bed, I thought it would be fun to leave it on the living room floor and sleep out there overnight.

Early this morning, I don’t know the exact time, I woke up for a little while, rolled around, and then as I was falling back to sleep I had the familiar feeling of the astral body being separated from the physical body, as the physical body fell asleep and I remained conscious.

After the initial “floating away from the physical body” feeling there isn’t much new to report. I just wanted to note that this was the first OBE of 2016.

OBE best practice: Sleep somewhere else

This story raises an important point: If your OBE practice is stalled, it often helps to sleep somewhere else. It can just be in a different room, as in this example, or at a friend’s house, or in a hotel when you least expect it.

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