Fall, 1979

October 1, 1979

It is now the fall of 1979, and I've spent a lot of time in the local libraries. I've also spent a lot of time in bookstores, particularly the "weird" section of bookstores, you know that part -- it's in the back of the stores where all the weirdos hang out, and where the signs say things like "New Age", and "Astral Projection".

A lot of these books seem very far out there to me, but buried in the middle of them I've found a book by a man named Robert Monroe that describes exactly what I've been going through. It's titled Journeys Out of the Body, and it's primarily an autobiography of his own experiences, although his didn't start until he was a much older man. It's cool to know that there is at least one other person out there that has been through this, and that I may not have some form of insanity.

I've had several more of these "experiences", but I always freak out, and with a lot of effort, I force my body to move, breaking the paralysis, and apparently getting my soul back in my body. Once, while out of the body, I tried to "reach out" and touch something, but it was too scary. While Mr. Monroe's experiences sound cool, how do I know that will get back to my body if I get out too far?

I haven't told anyone exactly what I've been going through. I have dropped a few hints here and there, but with no response from anyone. How do you tell anyone about something like this?

Follow-up from 2009

As I go live with this website, Journeys Out of the Body remains the oldest book I own, and is a classic in the field of astral projection and out of body experiences (OBE).

Mr. Monroe was a very successful business person, making a lot of money, first in the radio industry, and later in the television/cable industry. More importantly to me, he founded The Monroe Institute, located in Virginia, which provides training in how other people can learn to have OBE's.

I regret that I never met Mr. Monroe, as I spent many years trying to avoid this. But I finally did get to meet his daughter Laurie, shortly before her "death" in 2006. I put the word death in quotes there because I believe she would have preferred the word "passing".

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