Fall, 1997

September 28, 1997

Cool bodily sensations

A very cool thing I've never mentioned about the vibrations and OBE's is what a terrific feeling there is after the event is over. Now that I'm more or less over the fear, there is a tremendous calming effect on my brain. I can lay there afterwards without a thought at all in my mind. Some times I wil just think, "Echo", just to see if an echo comes back to me, but it doesn't, it's just absolute stillness.

Usually this happens when I have an OBE, then lose consciousness somewhere in the experience. Regaining consciousness after this is an experience of absolute stillness that every human being should hope to have some time in their life.

The first movement of the body after these experiences is also incredibly cool. I like to just move one finger at a time, because the sensation of movement feels so new. Just to move a finger I have to think, "Move index finger on right hand", and then it starts to move, and I can feel everything related to that movement, including the creakiness of the joints, and it's like the entire feeling is brand new.

Regarding Zen

Two other related things have happened recently. First, the internet has made a ton of information freely available, so, using a different name, I've posted some questions in various discussion groups about what I have been experiencing, and each time I got an answer that was similar to, "You need to check out Zen."

Well, this kinda freaks me out, because my only experience with "Zen" up until now involved a bald girl in an airport in 1974. She came up to me in the airport, and pinned a fake flower on my shirt, which, being a boy, I kinda liked. But then when I didn't have any money to give her in return, she pulled it right back off my shirt, leaving me in a mild state of shock. It turned out this bald girl and her bald friends were Hari Krishnas, and Hari Krishnas were related to this thing called Zen.

With the prodding of some unknown people on the internet this year, I have been able to get over Bald Flower Girl, and I went out and forced myself to buy a book called Zen Training. Sure enough, in that book the author writes about some physical sensations that are very similar to what I've experienced. Cool, maybe I'm less of a freak, and even more cool, maybe there's a formal method of producing OBE's voluntarily.

Second, because just the mention of the word "Zen" has been a bad thing for 20 years, it's very helpful to see a public figure like Phil Jackson, head coach of the Chicago Bulls, talk so freely about Zen. In essence, he's helped to make this topic acceptable to me.

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