Trying not to fall out of bed when the vibrations start

October 12, 1998

Funny OBE story:

We decided to buy a bed with an overstuffed mattress, so our bed is very high off the ground. With our old bed (or any other bed I've ever owned) I could bend down to sit on it, but this one I have to step up slightly to get on it. So last night I'm laying in bed on my left side, and my wife is already asleep, when suddenly the vibrations start.

Well, if I haven't mentioned it yet, one method for getting out of the physical body when the vibrations start is to do a "log roll", where you simply roll over, except your rolling over your astral body instead of your physical body. In this case, because I was already on my left side, facing the middle of the bed, the natural thing to do is a log roll to my right.

But with the very high bed, I have to make a decision here: Am I completely out of the physical body, or if I do a log roll, am I really going to fall 3+ feet down to the floor, hitting my head on the nightstand in the process?

I make a few slight efforts to roll to the right, but I can't be sure if I'm doing this with only the second body, or the physical body, too. Finally, I decide not to do anything, and just let the vibrations come and go.

(Note: I don't remember the date of this OBE, but I do know it was in either 1998 or 2000, because it was just before one of my leg surgeries. I just thought about this during a recent experience where I had a similar thought.)

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