Dreams and reality

December 24, 1999

This is a little bit of a stretch, but some times I feel like I can hardly tell the difference between "reality" and what others would define as "not real". Especially in the dark, at night, and in my dreams.

I work in my dreams, I date, and I fly, but mostly I fly. Not with wings or on a plane, but with my body and thoughts alone. Sometimes when I fly there are wires overhead and I don't feel like I should go through them. I also use psychokinesis (PK) to move objects in my dreams, including coins, doors, glasses, etc. Coming back from these dreams to "physical reality" is often a major letdown. Flying and PK are much more fun.

In my current meditations (Zen meditation), I'm able to lose all the physical feelings (sensations) of my body. It's hard to describe, but when I feel sensations I feel them on the "outside" of what a normal person might think of as the body, not on the inside.

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