Torn between work and Zen

January 8, 2000

I'm struggling with my two lives of being a small business owner and being someone who is interested in things like Zen, Yoga, and astral projection (OBE's). Growing a small business takes a lot of energy, and leaves me drained after work, so I don't feel much like the Zen or Yoga. And to have an OBE I really have to be rested and relaxed, and again work really takes away from that.

Zen and work are also polar opposites. Zen is about non-ego, not striving for gain, and letting things happen as they happen; work is about goals, selling people, forcing issues, and dealing with problems.

I'm not sure where this is going to go ... I need to grow this business and make money, but my heart is really with Zen and Yoga, and everything they represent.

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