Terrific Yoga teacher

October 18, 2002

If I haven't mentioned it before, I've run into a terrific Yoga teacher here in Louisville. (I've deleted her name here, because I haven't asked for her permission to use it.) She's teaching a beginner's course at the University of Louisville, where they have some extension/outreach programs, and she is awesome.

I haven't told her, but I had the vibration thing start at the end of one of her classes, where we do the corpse pose to relax. I could tell the vibrations were about to start, so I forced myself to sit up. I don't think she was looking at me at that moment, so I got away with doing this, and then laid down again, but I didn't allow myself to relax. If everyone else knew what was going on, it would be cool to have an OBE with a group of other people, but with them not knowing ... I don't want this to happen.

Darn it, when you leave a Yoga class, you feel good, don't you?! My hip joints feel so loose, I can barely walk a straight line, and I'm almost jumping my way back to the car.

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