Dream of a black substance, and an oil spill

January 28, 2005

Yesterday morning I had a dream where I was outside the house where my family grew up. We lived on the lake itself, with a small bay in our backyard, in a house next to my aunt and uncle. I was walking outside and noticed that they were painting a fence on our shared property (a long story) black. As I walked towards them, they didn't acknowledge me, and then I had to stop walking because the ground beneath me was saturated. Walking on the grass was like walking on a water bed mattress, because it squished around with every step I took. When I looked down the grass was not saturated with water though. Instead it was saturated with a black liquid substance. I freaked out at that point and woke up.

Later yesterday there was a massive oil spill on the Kentucky River within two hours drive from where I'm staying. Any relationship here? I dreamed about a black substance saturated our yard, and we lived off a body of water. What are the odds? I don't know, but how many times does this have to happen before you quit saying "coincidence"?

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