Switching bodies in Virginia Beach

October 29, 2005

Shortly after arriving here at Virginia Beach, I decided to take a short nap, as driving always make me feel like sleeping. I laid down at roughly 3pm, and woke up some time shortly thereafter.

When I woke up, I felt incredibly groggy. To say that it took every ounce of energy to move my body hardly describes it well enough. I thought I had suddenly gotten very sick, or perhaps even drugged. It was everything I could do to keep my eyes open.

As I sat up in bed and put my slippers on, an image of my wife in a red sweater or jacket was visible, and then quickly vanished. As I got up I looked out the balcony window to the right, and people had set up a large, green tent, and were starting to play volleyball, and the sun was shining.

I moved myself to the bathroom, all the while feeling that I just could not wake up. I got to the bathroom, and decided this grogginess was unacceptable. It's okay to feel a little out of it some times (ungrounded), but this was ridiculous. I decided to throw some water on my face, or possibly take a shower. Turning on the bathroom light, I forced myself to open my eyes.

Looking in the mirror, I was shocked. At best, my face was so swollen it looked like I was having a horrible reaction to something. My hair was a disaster; it was long enough on the sides, but I was essentially bald on the top. As I turned the head, the top right side was almost completely bald, but it was more like the hair had fallen out, and what was left was very thin. All of the hair was much lighter, essentially gray.

The face was not mine. As I thought, "What have I eaten?! What a horrible reaction!", I suddenly knew, this isn't my face, this isn't my hair; I've "woken up" in somebody else's body. With that thought, I "woke up" back here in the physical, in my regular, everyday body, on October 28, 2005. (Believe me, I checked.)

What happened here? Did I really wake up in somebody else's body? If so, was it in this same room, but at a different time? And why the extreme grogginess? Was it because that person's body was older and heavier?

Afterward: A relationship to Zen?

The next time I run across the Zen quote I am thinking of, I will make sure I put the exact words here, but right now I'm thinking of something a Zen master said very forcefully to a Zen student:

"Who is dragging this lifeless corpse around???"

I'm not implying that Zen is related to OBE's, but as I typed the first part of this blog entry this quote came into my mind. Talk about your lifeless corpses, that dude's body was heavy. (Of course he would probably say the same thing about mine. :)

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