In between a blind date

October 30, 2005

Tonight, while waiting for my carryout order at a restaurant (The Jewish Mother, in Virginia beach), another guy was waiting in the lobby, presumably waiting for someone else. A short while later, a woman walks in, and I look over at her, and she looks at me, pausing for a moment. She looks anxious, a bit of a "longing" look. She walks over to the hostess, tells her she's supposed to meet someone here.

At that point the other guy in the lobby walks over to her, asks if her name is ___, and she says yes. Turns out I've stumbled into the middle of a blind date. They have an awkward hello, and he doesn't seem to handle it very well, looking down and away from her. As I see this, I look at the girl, and she looks over at me, and I smile.

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