Thanks for the dreams

February 18, 2006

You know, I think I could give up a lot of things in life, but one thing I wouldn't want to lose are my dreams. And by those, I don't just mean the daytime dreams of hope and wonder, I mean the nighttime dreams, where the entertainment is incredible. I'd easily pay the price of movie admission for some of my dreams, and frankly, quite a bit more, because they often affect me much more than a movie ever can.

Last night was just a simple dream of the type I call a "life story", or "alternate life", but it was great fun. I was reunited with an old friend, JW, of Ohio and Virginia fame. It was just a simple dream where you're in this life with someone else, and then, unfortunately, you wake up, and find out maybe that dream wasn't real. But during the time it was real it was terrific fun, because everything turns out, well, just like you dreamed it.

So, JW -- and all other dreams, even the bad ones -- thank you. I'm glad I dream, and even more glad that I can remember them.

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