Problems validating OBEs in the physical world

October 12, 2006

I think I've mentioned before that I'm looking for a way to validate my OBE's in the physical world. I didn't succeed in our group experiment last Wed., but that was okay, because I struggled with that exercise a lot, and only thought I might know what was in F's box because someone said something to me when I felt like I was at TMI. I did know that the box was in the conference room under the easel, but S may have told us that.

Today was a big life-changer for me though. In the afternoon I had another OBE, full of vibrations and all that good stuff. But my problem with this was that the OBE didn't correspond to my local physical reality at all. When I felt like I was out of my bed several things in the bedroom were wrong, and when I looked at the bed it was empty, so I just turned and got back in it.

The disturbing part is that this wasn't a dream (as I was very conscious and in control of my actions) but the physical characteristics of the room did not match physical reality(!). This is a bummer for me, as I have hoped to be able to validate these OBE's by matching them up with known physical reality. If I can't get the details right immediately after leaving the body, well, it's just a bummer because I don't feel like I'll ever get that validation I'm looking for.

After the OBE I was disoriented for several hours. I went grocery shopping in a fog, then went to Barnes & Noble. The good thing about that is that I picked up a book by Robert Bruce (Astral Dynamics), and he talks about some of these things, about how things can be a little warped due to mental noise, fantasies, whatever.

He also mentioned an exercise I used to try, which I am going to start again. It's very simple: before you start an OBE attempt, take a deck of cards, shuffle them, and with your eyes closed take a card from the deck and put it somewhere so you can't see it physically. Then, if you succeed in your OBE attempt just try to go look at the card. If you can see it, say the card type out loud, end your OBE, write down the card, and then go look at it (physically).

So, after the OBE I was extremely disappointed that I may never be able to physically validate my experiences, but after reading a portion of his book I now hope that with a little mental discipline I will some day be able to validate these efforts.

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