A Van Halen margarita drinking story

January 16, 2007

Apparently now I have a Van Halen drinking story, a margarita story anyway ... I don't remember much ... we were by a lake, there's a group of people, it's Eddie Jan Halen's birthday, and they ask me to tell a margarita story.

I hemmed and hawed, I couldn't remember it at the moment, I think I was starting to wake up, and I was going to tell this story tomorrow, at another gathering.

Something had gone on, can't tell if there's a recurring dream or not. Lots of stuff ... (deep sigh) ... some bugs, some stinging .. I can't remember enough to make a good story of it ... children in a river, stung a lot, or bitten by some bugs ... I come in to take care of them, I sprayed them down with something, and they kinda turned gold, then, eventually, they come out of it ... a boy and a girl, and the girl says "I don't want to get stung by those again", and she starts crying.

Then there's a James Gandolfini thing, that show on HBO, they're making a movie about that, we're taking people out to the house ... I can't remember enough.

One thing that I did want to note tho was, during the Van Halen thing one of the reasons I couldn’t remember the Margarita story was that right before then I was hit by three or four small darts in the hand, in the fingers, and I pulled those out, and that’s right about the time the they asked me to tell the story so I was distracted, then just after that  there was something that tried to jumped on my back, or attached to my back, and I think I shook it off, and that's when I woke up, and kinda rolled over onto my back too.  I don’t know what it was it was as large as my back almost and kinda landing on the back of me ... not heavy, it was light, it was clearly something trying to attach to my back.

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