Chips in the necks of animals

February 1, 2007

During a dream state, I just thought of a commercial, and there's a trial, and the (prosecution) rests it's case, and everyone is like "Kill 'em, kill 'em, they're guilty", and then the only defense is someone that comes in, a veterinarian, and they say "Clearly they couldn't have done this, because their cats and dogs were nowhere near the scene, and I can prove it, because of the chips in their necks".

There's only slightly more to it, and that was the ad. I thought an interesting story might be if I was actually crazy, in an insane asylum, and little ideas like that crept through to me b/c I was watching tv, or could overhear a tv, and I'd have ideas like this, and be like "Oh, it's my idea", and the doctor would say "No, it's not, it's a commercial, I just saw it myself."

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