Teaching myself to fly

February 3, 2007

I'm doing the craziest thing in this next dream, I'm teaching myself to fly, and in this case it means with no balloons or wings or anything like that. It all seemed to make sense when I was dreaming. As I'm doing this over a long period of time .... I got myself into trouble because I'm having car problems, so I think I'll fly home.

So then there's a period of three or four flight episodes. Some involve large crocodiles or aligators, and I'm trying to avoid them. In the end of the dream I end up landing in this place in Lynchburg, or I refer to it as Lynchburg, and I land on the top of their fence, in between the building and the fence. It's like it's leaving time, so everyone is punching out of this office and going home. I'm thinking "Oh crap", and then "Well, if I don't move I won't get caught".

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