Music lyrics, traffic light, cop

May 22, 2007

So many dreams lately I can't record half of them...

I'm working on song lyrics in one of them.  In another it's dark out, there's at least four cars, and we come to this traffic light. We all think the light is going to change, so we start creeping through it. Then finally the four of us go through it, and the light never does change. We can all hear each other, and we think "Oops, guess we ran that one."

Then I turn on two or three strong headlights, or more like spotlights or flashlights, and I make a sound like a cop car, and go "Woo ... woo". Then somebody pulls over, and I just start laughing. Must have been like Flinstone vehicles or something because it's so funny that they could have heard me.

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