Categories of dreams

June 8, 2007

(Email reply to a friend)

I have a lot of dreams, and record most of them, over 100 now. (I bought a little audio recording device.) There seem to be 3-4 types. First, regular dreams that I just remember. Second, "dreams" that are more vivid than regular dreams, almost like hi-definition. I expect these to be precog dreams, but they have not been (and hopefully won't be, since the last was a plane crash). Third, lucid dreams where I can control at least my own behavior, if not the surroundings (like the holodeck on Star Trek TNG). Fourth, OBEs that spawn out of the dreamstate. But, I've only had a few dreams that have proven to be precog's.

I do run into a lot of "synchronicity" things now, where I think of something, and then run into that same thing over and over again, beyond a level that I think can be classified as coincidence. But I never know when that's going to happen until it does.

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