Long sequence of dreams

June 7, 2007

First dream: Several men, trying to kill me, with swords and bows and arrows. It's a long time ago, I don't remember the details of this dream.

Another dream, where a woman can basically cloak herself. She wasn't trying to kill me, but, maybe I was some type of lawman, and she kills someone's husband, and I deduce that she killed him in order to get to his wife, but I don't know why.

During the investigation I start to ask an Indian fellow, did he, was he killed in an American or Englishman, then I almost use a racial slur, and then I say "Uh, like an Indian", and he answered that he was killed like an Indian. Then I woke up before she was able to get at the wife.

A third dream is a crazy Kroger dream. I go into a Kroger, there's a couple of carts there, and this one old guy is teaching another old guy that he should put the shopping carts here this time of day because it makes it easier, but only at this time of day. Then these two other people come in ... the trainee asks the trainer "Why this time of day, why not all day?"

And I'm just standing there, and then two other people come in, and one guy manages the store, and the other guy is like a traveling quality person. So they ask the question, and the quality person says "Stand up straight, smile", so everyone has to stop and stand up straight before they can answer the question.

Somewhere along the line I finally get a cart, and this has got to be the third or fourth time I've had this dream. I finally get the cart, and there's no obvious way to go, it's like you're going into the back of the store. I go through the wrong doorway, and there's like the back room of this nightclub, or drug addict thing, and I think "Oh crap", and people are tying rubber tubes around their arms.

Then this other lady has a cart, and she's coming out of there, so I say "Excuse me, I'm going the wrong way". I come out, and go partially down another doorway, and again I'm going the wrong way.

And that lady follows me, so she doesn't know where she's going either. She starts thinking "What the heck is wrong with this place" too, and then I finally find it, and I go in through the right doors. This is the funny part, there's this cupcake things, and there's an old guy there ... the paper for the cupcakes is separate from the cupcakes, and the cupcakes are in a pile, and they're flat, laid on top of each other, like in monkey bread, and you have to peel them off ... and the first one I ate was super-thin, and I didn't have to peel it off.

I thought "Well, that wasn't very good at all", and then the old guy, he's done this before, so he says "You want to peel it off of the monkey bread part", something about thicker portions, you want to get the thicker portion and eat that first. So I say thank you, and I get one, peel it off, it's more like a pancake than a cupcake, with a thick end and a thin end, but small like a cupcake, so I put it in the cupcake thing, and the old man comes over and asks how I'd like to pay. I hadn't thought about that, and I think "Well, at the checkout line", but then I wake up, and I never find out the price of these things.

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