President Bush advancing fertilization

June 20, 2007

I'm in a dream, and President Bush makes a joke about advancing fertilization, and he said yes, that's right, advancing it.

He was talking about getting fertilization from people and that he do stuff with it. He was talking something about the environment ... hell, give it to me, I’ll advance it for you.


I had a dream that Tom had gone to work for something like the West Virgina Mountain uh ... something or another, I can’t remember what they were called ... it was an oil-related company, and he was traveling around like a crazy person. (It would be really weird that this person would enjoy traveling.) And then ... I saw a note from him that he had mailed in to everybody, wrote about how much he was learning, he was real happy with it.


After the Bush dream ... I thought, "Oh, that’s pretty funny, you know I need to record that", so I started to wake up a little bit, so then I started, but I didn’t wake up ... I imagined that I turned on the recorder and that I started to record the dream, then I realized "Hold on, I'm not really awake, I need to wake up."

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