Husband, wife, custody battle

June 21, 2007

A long running dream ... a husband and wife, and eventually a baby, a baby boy ... the wife goes through and terminates all these pregnancies with a friend of hers ... I don't know why she didn't use birth control, but she terminates a *lot* of pregnancies, and never discusses these with her husband ... until one time she doesn't terminate the pregnancy, and they have a baby, a baby boy. The woman doesn't like the boy, and does a lot of careless things, and the father ... I think the father is me .. has to take care of the boy. The wife continues to neglect the boy, and if he dies ... I don't think she would care.

The wife ... backing up a car, almost kills the baby.

Then something happens, and the baby suddenly becomes very important to the woman ... they go to court, the husband applies to get possession of the boy, and for some reason the mother decides to fight for possession. Despite a lot of evidence against her, the court decides to give possession of the boy to the mother ... it's a big custody battle.

In the battle ... the father never knew about all the pregnancies that she terminated ... both lawyers find out about the abortions, but it's late in the trial process ... they conspire ... what can they do ... the case has already gone to a jury ... unfortunately I wake up without any closure. The jury is still out, the lawyers are trying to think of some way to get the boy to the man (me).

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