Cost estimating, a printer, and applause

June 22, 2007

Dream: A guy named Mike asked me to do some cost-estimating with him for something that seemed like it would be pretty easy, but it ended up being about 5,000 hours according to a couple of numbers he was multiplying together.

I was with another guy talking about something else ... I can't remember his name, but a guy I worked with before ... Mike was multiplying some numbers, and the other guy said something like "four gauge". I don't know what that means, but I was doing the numbers in my head, and I thought it was going to be 5,000-something.

In the meantime, Mike is working on this large board, multiplying out the numbers, and there's a bunch of people sitting around him in a semi-circle, and a new printer to the left. Just as Mike finished getting his numbers calculated, the printer printed successfully for the first time, and everyone started applauding for that. It was like a big party that this printer was actually printing, and ... Mike took a quick bow. I don't think he knew about the printer, and he thought everyone was applauding because he just finished his calculations. He thought it was a joke for him.

He came over and asked which one I liked the best, and I said "Oh, I like the five on the end the best", and he seemed confused about what I said.

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