Twins, panic attack, basketball, webtrends

June 27, 2007

In a dream, a friend (Dennis) has a twin, and the twin is a little bit taller, and they try to play a joke on me, but then I see the two of them together, and I think "Wow, that's pretty cool" (I didn't know he had a twin).

At the time I was trying to get a Mountain Dew out of a refrigerator ... it got really crowded, I was in a cafeteria, and I start panicking, having a panic attack.

There's another dream where I'm playing basketball, and we're beating them pretty bad, and I get in a fight with one of them.

Then another dream about someone who has a product that compares to Webtrends. They say some stuff about mathematics, and I tell them they need to explain their product a lot more, what they're saying is way too complicated, and they need to simplify their message.

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