Seeing a card; my mom in pain

July 1, 2007

Lucid dream ... an OBE? I don't know, seems more like a lucid dream, mostly because my wife is involved.

Relaxed for a long time, nothing happened, fell asleep. During the sleep, I had a dream of an OBE (if that makes any sense), my wife is there, there is a mirror ... I'm floating up out of my body, and communicating with my wife at the same time ... then I remember that I have a card downstairs. I think "Oh my god, I have a card downstairs, I'm lucid, I need to go look at the card."

Not sure what house I'm in, but there are two floors, I go around the bed, down the stairs (just like here) ... downstairs I have to get around a chair ... I look at the card that I have (on top of the refrigerator), and it's a Nine of Hearts. There are two other cards scattered there as well, a Jack of Diamonds and also a Six of Diamonds, behind the Nine, and I don't know what to make of those.

The more disturbing dream, and the one that what woke me up, is that I see my mom, in our old house. She keeps showing me her right shoulder area, her chest up to her shoulder, and the area above her right breast is very flat, and has been cut open, kinda like stitched back together. The top of the shoulder is open, skeletal like ... I can see through the front and to the back. There is just bones, and something beneath the bone, like some kind of organ, maybe hanging from the bone. She is in a lot of pain ... she comes out of the laundry room, and she shows me this ... my mom would never show me anything like this.

I just woke up, went downstairs, and saw that the card on the refrigerator is indeed the Nine of Hearts. I guess that's roughly a 2% chance to get both the card and suit correct (1 out of 52 to be exact).

It's very disturbing that if I got that card right, that in this same sequence of dreams I would see something like this, something wrong with my mom, and she's in so much pain. I'm excited about the card, but I just want to cry about this.

Also, what are the other two cards about? I flipped the deck around several times, and never saw the Jack or the Six. I thought maybe one of them might be the next card, or the one on the bottom of the deck.

Follow-up: I've kind of built a "protocol", as Joe McMoneagle called it, and that helps a lot. I can lay there and feel the blood moving throughout my body, and can stay awake as my sense of sound starts fading away, which is freaky-cool.

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