One OBE, three cards

July 3, 2007

My mind is officially blown.

Yesterday I reported that I had an OBE, saw the Nine of Hearts in the OBE, woke myself up, went downstairs, and saw that was indeed the card I had turned over.

When I went downstairs and saw the Nine my mind was indeed blown away. But then I didn't know what to make of the other two cards, the Jack of Diamonds and the Six of Diamonds. I looked at the bottom of the deck, the previous card in the deck, the next card in the deck, and the top of the deck, but there was no Jack or Six. Was this my mind playing games somehow?

Next I shuffled the cards several times and looked at various places in the deck, but again, no Jack and no Six. Not knowing what to make of these other two cards I eventually gave up and went on about my day.

Twelve hours later I repeated the card experiment, putting a random card on top of the refrigerator, going to bed and trying to have an OBE, and then seeing the card in the OBE. This time I had no success at all, and when I woke up I went downstairs to get the card and put it back in the deck, and lo and behold it was the Jack of Diamonds. I freaked out! My heart started racing again, and all I could think is WTF?!

To make a long story short I repeated the experiment again twelve hours later, had no success with an OBE, then went to look at my random card, and it was the Six of Diamonds! Twenty four hours earlier in an OBE I had seen a Nine of Hearts, a Jack of Diamonds, and a Six of Diamons, and then in three consecutive OBE experiments over the 24 hour period these were the three cards I randomly turned over in my experiments.

I'm not positive, but I think the odds of guessing the exact card correctly three consecutive times is 1 in 52*52*52 (there are 52 cards in a deck), or 1 in 140,608. That's the first mind-blower.

The second mind-blower is the time aspect. Not only did I see three cards that were then randomly turned over, I saw them when the second card was turned over 12 hours later and the third card was turned over 24 hours later.

If this is real do you know what that implies about time, and our relationship to time???

At the very least it means our relationship to time is not the linear, one way only thing we think it is. It means in the world as we know it we can indeed see into the "future", but right now I don't even know what "time" and "the future" really mean.

My mind is blown, officially blown.

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