Slid right off the couch

July 2, 2007

Just before 4am on July 2nd. I was trying to sleep on the couch downstairs, having a problem with sciatica, and sitting on the ice packs ... after a long time, trying to get comfortable ... I finally relaxed a bit and started to doze off. First thing that happened was to my left, to the left of the couch, there really is a door there in this (physical) world, but it’s a different door, it’s like a wooden door with glass on the top ... and there’s a note posted on the outside of the door, like someone came up and posted something up there with some tape.

And a that point I freak just a little bit, just because that brought me back, I remember that from another dream, and in the other dream I actually brought took the note down and read it, and unless I recorded it here I can’t remember what it said. That was the first part.

Then after a little bit longer I was laying there and all of a sudden I could feel my second body just get loosened, loosened from the first body, and just started sliding down, just slid down my legs, and onto the floor. I was like oh this is cool; I put my "hands" on the floor just so I could feel the floor going by.

Then I just kinda went just kinda kept going and it was like, it wasn’t in my control where I was going, and I can’t remember if I went through a wall, if I did there wasn’t any resistance, then the next thing was flying backwards through maybe even a building or some kind of surroundings ... dark but then I could see things on the sides, and there where a few turns involved. But the whole thing was going backwards I think when I was still in the house, I was like is this real so I tried to open my eyes and was able to open my eyes a little bit back on the couch, but I didn’t want to interrupt everything ... um, but then when I was flying around I started thinking to hard, I think either that thinking or the discomfort woke me up right away, as during the process of flying backward I came back to the physical.

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