The subtle body

July 8, 2007

As much as I can tell, there is another part of being human that most people aren't aware of, and that's this thing I call the energy body, astral body, or second body.

I'm not sure which name for this other body is best, but today I prefer "subtle body", because I think you can only become aware of this other body when your physical body is rested, and relaxed -- very, very relaxed. I think this subtle body is maybe 1,000 or maybe one million times more subtle than the physical body, and all the physical sensations we're bombarded with every day, and that's why most people never become aware of this body -- at least not until they're about to die. They're too caught up in the physical world.

Whatever you call it, my goal is to demonstrate its existence by performing tests against the physical world, first to prove this to myself, and if that succeeds, then to demonstrate it for other people. I've proved this once now to myself, and now I need to figure out how to do it again.

Things that seem to be important in this quest are:

I'll write more about all of these over time, but I just want to note them here right now.

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