Dream without sleep, ringing phone

July 10, 2007

(Continuation from another dream recording)

What I mean by a non-dream is that I wasn't asleep, I was laying here, and I was thinking a little bit about the euphoria that Zen people are said to go through, that you go through something like three days or euphoria and insanity before you recover from the experience. Tonight was a little like that, where I've been thinking about different places, and once I'm able to relax my body it's like my thoughts totally quit.

I haven't left the body that I'm aware of, but at one someone came here and sat on the bed next to me ... I've been thinking about other places and people ... just thinking about these things .... a lot of feelings of dissociation between the spirit and the physical body ... and then this crazy phone ringing ... I say crazy, but I think it's cool, don't get me wrong ... funny ... but it's just so clear, it's insane.

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