Fried met-a-won, flying, car trashing

July 31, 2007

From a dream recording:

A very long lucid dream, with my wife and a friend named Adam. They come back and mention "fried met-a-won (sp)", and a gas station, and going back into a sauna area where there is some lightning.

Then I am in this huge cemetery type thing and I just want to be alone, and I'm not sure anyone else can really see that ... I am on this hill, and it's enormous. Then we're looking at a calendar, and my aunt is part of that. We decide that December 1st of 2072 is a Wednesday ... I think that's what we decided, there was quite a bit of confusion about the date.

(long break here)

Broke a window ... there are two rooms ... not sure it's a sauna per se ... I think there's a bathroom in there ... horrible, I can't remember ....

(deep breathing for a while)

A couple of times I am in a mall, flying around with some other people. There's an incident near the end with someone that has a loud car. I went back to him, and he took offense at my approach, and he was going to cause some problems, so I just trashed his entire vehicle, with him inside. The others on the trip didn't care for that, but I was trying to teach him a lesson.

Someone else was going to try to do something evil to my wife, and they seemed like they were very evil, so I flew back at some incredible speed, like Superman, and got her out of harm's way.

(more heavy breathing)

There's some kind of drafting table ... so much more ... I can't remember what "fried metawon" is supposed to be ...

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