Tennis with Martina Hingis

August 1, 2007

My wife is taking bets for something ... we're in a large workplace, I don't think that was a big deal. We're still married, or knew each other, and I'm supposed to play tennis with some girl. In the end she is like Martina Hingis, with the hair pulled back.

Right before we go to play tennis, I'm in a parking lot, and everything starts going backwards. People are walking backwards, and someone who pulled into a parking spot backs out of the parking spot, you know, going backwards in time. That happened twice, going forward like normal, then backwards.

When I went to play tennis we actually went into a small room, and I had a sport jacket on, and I tried to take it off (thinking Martina Hingis is very pretty, and I'm trying to be cool) and I got stuck in it.

This wasn't a tennis court, it was much smaller. I remember thinking about throwing my serve correctly. I'm guessing that my wife and I are still married (we're separated in the "real" world), and I'm concerned about her feelings, but this is supposed to be for the good of the company we work at.

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