Riding a motorcycle into a restroom

August 30, 2007

A third dream has to do with me riding a motorcycle. I somehow manage to ride a motorcycle into a restroom, or a rest area, which of course when you're awake doesn't seem to make much sense. But I think I really had to go to the bathroom ...

So I ride my motorcycle into this restroom, and I park it one way, and a guy on another motorcycle is coming up from behind me, and he wants to use the bathroom, and I had to move my bike. So I did move it, thinking I was making the situation better, but I actually made it worse.

That's not the important part of the dream though ... the important, freaky part, is that I have this red, jello-like stuff all over me, and I remember wiping it, and then I have it on my shirt, and my pants, and I say something like "What the heck is this stuff?", and the guy on the motorcycle says "It's on your tie, too."

I didn't put it together while I was sleeping, but when I woke up I realized it was probably chunks of me. That's probably just nerves about having to do this drive in the dark and the fog this morning. It's 5:27am now, and I'm dictating this while driving down the road.

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