A woman vacuuming downstairs

September 4, 2007

One last continuation on this dream ...

In the "real world", I'm laying on my bed upstairs (second floor), and I start going into the first level of the dream, and right away I can hear the vacuuming. It's like someone flips a switch and I can instantly hear it. At one time I jump out of the dream, because these things tend to start before I actually fall asleep, so it was one of those transitional things where I'm able to stay on the borderline between being asleep and being awake, and it scares me.

But then I was either tired, or brave, and I let myself go through to that dream. So then I'm laying in bed on this second floor. As I mentioned in this dream the house has carpeting. I was kind of aware who the person should  be downstairs, but I can't remember for sure. This is a place that my wife had been to recently, briefly, in another dream.

There is some stuff on the floor, and as I pick up a few things, I see that there are some needles in the carpeting, like we were doing something there, and we left the needles behind for some reason. I keep saying "needles" here, but I mean "pins".

Like I say, I think I just wanted to get in the shower so I could go eat. I think it was early, and I could get up to the restaurant to eat if I can get in the shower. But the lady that is vacuuming just keeps vacuuming ...

And I don't know how I made the transition from that state to talking to my wife's grandmother.

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