Faith Hill music dream

February 4, 2008

For the third time in my life (that I can recall), I had a dream featuring a song that I've never heard before. In a way this one was even more bizarre than the others, as it began with me just strumming some strings on a guitar. When I found a tune I liked a little bit Faith Hill magically appears and begins singing lyrics I've never heard before, but it seems like a great little acoustic song.

Unfortunately everything ends badly, as I instantly switch from this dream to something much more negative, followed by a loud sound in the real world that wakes me from this dream. After the quick wake-up call I can remember the main rhythm of the song, but none of the lyrics.

Notes: I haven't listened to Faith Hill in almost a year now, and I don't know how to play the guitar. But I suspect this dream was inspired by the song Pride, by Syntax (available on this YouTube video), which I listened to at least ten times yesterday. It was used during the beginning scenes of a Criminal Intent episode (the "Lady Harrington" episode, possibly the artistically best CI intro ever, though it doesn't give you a chance at guessing the murderer).

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