In the year 3828

February 23, 2008

I had three "dreams" that were just incredible last night. Each time I was able to stay very awake as my body fell asleep, but instead of feeling like an OOBE it felt very different, like my usual layered dream thing. The first two times I just observed everything, and woke myself when the first one got boring, and the second one got scary.

The third time was tremendous, my body fell asleep, I was wide awake, and then felt like I was moving rapidly through darkness for a long time. When things lightened up I was in something like the kitchen of a restaurant. There was an incredibly unusual plant, which I observed for a while. It was like the plant itself was alive and moving.

Then I noticed something that looked like an invitation to a party on a table. As I looked at it I forced myself to try to read it. It was dated May 12, 3828 (the year 3828). I then thought "Holy shit!", and tried to read more of it, but the harder I tried to focus the more awake I became, until I finally woke up, this time unintentionally.

I think the first two times were something like layered, lucid dreams, though the second one instantly felt "ominous". I'm not sure what to make of the third one.

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